About Us

Who are we?

Al Hakem Translation is a Value-centered company providing specialized translation services, in addition to proofreading and copywriting in the Middle East region and beyond.

Our strive to provide the best quality and service for our clients in line with their expectations and needs is the main motivator for our hard work and excellence.


Al Hakem Translation provides all kinds of linguistic and translation services your business needs to connect with any audience, anywhere. Our team of language specialists strives for your success on any translation you need, whether it’s for your website, an advanced legal document, or any other kind of linguistic service.

Al Hakem Story

Al Hakem Translation is a language provider that was founded after the assessment of the need for specialized translation services in the Middle East region. As we grew, we expanded our fields of specialty to include most of the top-needed ones.

Value is the driving force for our creative work and as our Logo indicates, the Queen being the main character combined with the Pen Nib, we strive to stay at the helm of the Translation Industry by providing the most memorable, special, and enjoyable client experience.

The best professional translators make up our team; each one has a track record of generating linguistic products of outstanding quality that satisfy even the most demanding clients.

The Way Forward

Every moment is a key moment in our Company's journey. We make sure that every step and decision serves our Vision toward the Success of our clients and of ours.
Translation, Proofreading, and many more...



We provide all kinds of translation services your business needs to connect with any audience anywhere. Our team of Language specialists strives for your success on any translation you need, whether it’s for your website, an advanced legal document, or any other kind of translation.
Every company expanding globally nowadays must take into account the nuances of its local markets. When establishing a new brand, product, software, or service to be introduced in a new market, there is much more to consider aside from translation.
Proofreading is important for every single piece of content you create and re-reading the text does not always help in finding mistakes and errors. Avoid grammar mistakes and typos by letting our expert proofreaders be your extra pair of eyes.
Writing quality content takes time and writing in a language other than your own is also difficult; that is why you need to allow our skilled copywriters to create and produce high-quality content for you while you focus on your other responsibilities. 
At Al Hakem Translation, we offer comprehensive editing services designed to enhance the quality, clarity, and impact of your written materials. Our team of skilled editors is dedicated to helping you refine your content, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of excellence.
We specialize in providing exceptional subtitling services that bring your audiovisual content to life. Our skilled subtitlers combine linguistic expertise, cultural understanding, and technical proficiency to deliver accurate and engaging subtitles that captivate your audience.

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